Monday, 22 December 2008

A Taste of the Med

As promised, back to birds............

Monday 22nd December, Stubber's Green, West Midlands, 10:30 - 13:30

After being so impressed a few weeks ago, Andy and I felt that another attempt for Caspian Gull at Stubber's Green was called for.

No sign of Caspian Gull again though. However, about half an hour in I caught onto a gull with white primaries. Apologies to Andy, thinking I meant Glaucous or Iceland, I actually meant this:

Fresh in from Mediterrania, it's an adult Mediterranean Gull! Admittedly they're not as rare as they used to be, but I've never found too many of them before. So I'm dead chuffed with it.

But what a great place Stubber's Green is for gulls. Gulls are an area of birding that I know I need to improve on, and this is the ideal site. So much better than viewing them miles away at a roost on a reservoir, in fading light, when they're coming in from all directions. Not to mention while freezing your bits off for your efforts.

One thing I have noticed however, is that Mediterranean Gull is missing from the latest gull equivalent to Wisden, the Blurred Birder's guide to gull identification. What's all that about?

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Martyn Yapp said...

It is nice to see that my Gull identification guide as made such an impact. A bit like a bird-strike I suppose

Considering that Med Gull is an all time favourite and Mr Clare once gave me the nickname Mr Med because I seemed to find them often, I agree, I don't know why it's not in.

Next year I am packing up work and going to see all the worlds gull species...yeh right.