Monday, 15 December 2008

Geraldine for Christmas Number One!

I'm so glad Channel 4 repeated "Britain's Got the Pop Factor, and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice" last night. I missed it when it was on last time, whilst in Shetland.

Now that Simon Cowell has his new money-making toss-pop victim to exploit, I really Really REALLY hope that Alexandra (no offence I'm sure she's lovely) is pipped to the christmas number one by Geraldine McQueen:

Who looks nothing like Peter Kay dressed as a woman. But once you've heard the song and seen the video, which is not at all annoying, it'll make you want to buy it and ensure Cowell misses out this year!


Kay said...

I don't think Geraldine's song is memorable enough to stand in the way of the mighty Alexandra.

Also, she doesn't cry enough.

I think Geraldine would have had a much better chance if she'd released her rendition of "Free Nelson Mandela".

Richard Powell said...

Unfortunately Kay, I think you'll be right.

Simon Cowell has the christmas number one all to himself these days. It shouldn't be allowed.

Roll on Beard of the Year......

Reg The Birder said...

Sorry, Richard, but it sounds like a pile of tripe to me.

Anyway, I've got a tenner on Alexandra to deliver the goods. That should net me about .. oh, one pound fifty!

Show me the money!

Richard Powell said...

Tripe? Have you ever listened to Leonard Cohen?

You youngters all think it's Jeff Buckley's song. Ha, that's all you know! For ages I thought Jeff Buckley and Sid Vicious were the same person. I've seen that Album cover.

Kay said...

I see that Jeff Buckley is now no 2in the I Tunes chart. He could surprise us all here.

Listening to it all again, I noticed Alexandra has missed out a couple of verses.

Reg The Birder said...

I'm hurt, Richard. I know Cohen recorded it originally, but I do think that Buckley's is the definitive version.

I'm just glad that Ehgongoghan wasn't allowed to massacre it.