Sunday, 21 December 2008

Simon Cowell Ruins Christmas (again!)

Bah, Simon Cowell gets his christmas number one again, despite "The Jeff Factor". Geraldine reached number five. She should've ingored Paul McCartney and released "Blankety Blank" (or R Wayne's should've released "Do The Hucklebuck"?).

Perhaps if messrs Waterman, Chapman and Fox let Disco Dave through the audition, he would've had more success?

I see that Chris Hoy was Sports Personality of the Year last week. Another prediction that went wrong, not that I have a problem with that though. I've been to his island on Orkney, but least said about the old man the better (boom boom).

Normal service will be resumed soon, with some birds on this blog!

1 comment:

Reg The Birder said...

A further £1.36 in the coffers!

Good to see Jeff doing some damage to the charts too!