Saturday, 6 December 2008

Really Local Birding!

Saturday 6th December, Walk round home, 8:50 – 10:00

It is good just to have a walk round home with the binoculars. Not literally round home of course, as that wouldn’t take very long. I ought to do it more often really, but it is something I intend to do more of this winter. Especially when I have a couple of weeks off over Christmas (aaargh, there’s that word for the first time on this blog!) and after finding that Firecrest last March, was that around all winter?

In almost exactly the same spot as that Firecrest were a pair of Tree Sparrows. They’re unheard of in the eight years I’ve lived here, so that could be quite an important discovery.

Park Hall Country Park, 12:40 – 14:25

After nipping into Hanley to buy a new mobile phone, and to check some rowan trees that I know of in that part of the world (no Waxwings!), I had time for a walk round Park Hall. Unfortunately no sign of any roosting Long-Eared Owls today. In addition to a Willow Tit and a flock of about 250 Golden Plover was this smart Little Owl:

Well folks, the jungle fun is over for another year and the Stenders lad won (congratulations on your winnings Reg, don’t spend it all at once!). By the way, in case you were wondering about the the quiz answer from the last blog entry, Teresa Bazaar. I know some rubbish facts me!

We are now heading into some important “end of year” awards. At the time of writing the comedy awards are about to start. I wonder how many awards will go to “Gavin and Stacey” this year? No, I’ve never seen it either!

There’s sports personality of the year. I think Lewis Hamilton will win, but I’d quite like to see Rebecca Romero win it (Olympic medallist in two different sports). I would also mention the Christmas number one, but that’s been ruined by Simon Cowell!

However, by far the most important end of year award is “Beard of the Year”. For those of you familiar with Test Match Special, Jonathan Agnew does read out regular updates from Keith Flett of the BLF (Beard Liberation Front). This is probably due to the presence of TMS scorer and statistician, Bill Frindall, the bearded wonder.

In the last two years the award has gone to Robert Plant and Monty Panesar. I’ve just found this year's nominees and can be viewed here! Bearders is a nominee once again, as is Robert Plant. I think it might be between Jarvis Cocker and Roy Keane. When the result is announced, shortly before new years eve, you'll hear it here first folks!


Kay said...

A disappointing lack of Waxwings in our region today (apart from the 5 reported in Leek).

Keep checking the Rowans!

Good to hear about the Tree Sparrows.

You're not thinking of growing a beard yourself are you, Richard?

Richard Powell said...

If I was to grow a beard it would have to a "ZZ Top" one!