Thursday, 4 September 2008

The perils of leaving your optics at home...........

..........and leaving your mobile switched off!!

Wednesday 3rd September, Blithfield Reservoir, 18:45

This was one of those days when I really had to concentrate at work, connected to a customer site all day sorting their software out, and then leaving the office late. I didn't even think to check When low and behold, whilst on way home, text messages appeared of a White-Winged Black Tern at the mighty Blithers!

The following thoughts entered my head. "Aagh, I need that as a county tick, lets go! Oh no, my bins and scope are at home!"

25 minutes from work in Stafford to my home, which is a usual time anyway. But then from home to Blithfield in record time I think. In the pouring rain as well, I was like Lewis Hamilton in the wet. For once I was quite glad to see heavy rain, as there was no chance the bird would do a bunk in that weather, would it?

Of course it wouldn't! I parked up at the Admaston end of the causeway and picked the bird up pretty much straight away, about halfway between the causeway and the dam. I should've headed to the dam really, but I thought I would be better off with the rain to my back. Forget digiscoping in these conditions!

After a while the rain stopped, and all the terns tended to congregate around the dam then, including about 8 or 9 Black Terns.

That was a county tick for me, despite all those that have terned up (see the pun?) at Belvide over the years. I really ought to get over the Belvide more often. I think it's because coming from Burton, Belvide was always a real trek to get to. I find it surprising how near it is once you get south of Stafford.

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