Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday 31st August

I really wasn't intending on much birding this weekend, I spent the weekend visiting family in the north east. However, I did get up early on Saturday to give me some time to stop on the way for the Black Stork at Cawood, between Selby and York. I was there for a couple of hours, shame the Stork wasn't!

Having family in Teesside has brought some useful ticks over the years, such as Great Knot, Spanish Sparrow and Ross's Gull amongst many others. Although since my niece and nephew came along, not much birding is done up there these days. I'll get them into it one day, but for now the Playstation and Nickelodeon on the telly rule.

Then today, and quickly checking birdguides on my brother in law's laptop, would you believe it, juvenile Sabine's Gull at Westport Lake! It got to about the time when I had to head for home anyway, and a couple of text messages about the bird on me mobile. Three hours along the A19, A1, M62 and M6 later, I arrived at Westport and here's the result!

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