Saturday, 27 September 2008

To infinity, and beyond!

I noticed on the news the other day of this Swiss chap, who flew across the channel in his jet pack:

Did he really base his design on watching Toy Story? It worked though, and can be watched here!

Saturday 27th September, Uttoxeter Quarry, 12:00 - 13:45

On the 27th July, I took this photo of the quarry:

And this is it today!

Amazing what all that rain did the other week. Thankfully the water pumps have been put to work, it shall return to it's former state I'm sure. And a new site tick today, in the form of a Pintail. A flock of 40 House Martins dropped in to feed on the water's surface for a short time, then all flew up high.

But perhaps the most spectacular sight was of a patch of flowering Ivy that was swarming with insects. Mainly of bees, that's got to attract a passing Shrike surely?

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