Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Blog Hits!

After setting up this blog with the ClustrMaps website, I see I'm getting around 50 hits to this blog only after a few days. Who in their right minds actually reads this rubbish? I dunno.

All I'll say is, just get out there and find something. But not Blithfield, Belvide and Drakelow, because there are people who WILL find something before you will. But not Uttoxeter Quarry because it's mine! Actually, now it's a deep water desert for the time being you can, because there'll be nowt decent to see there for a while.

Yes, unfortunately, all the rain has taken it's toll on my beloved quarry. It is full to the brim with water. Hopefully as it is still a working quarry, they will sort the water level out eventually. Unlike some of the gravel pits in the trent valley. Newbold at Branston/Barton, and Alrewas by the A38 for example.

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