Sunday, 1 June 2008

Whistle Stop Shropshire Tour

Sunday 1st June.

It was very kind of Andy to give me a lift, on his way to Telford, today. En route we stopped at Sleap Moor, near Crudgington to the north of Telford. This really was a flashback to the old days of twitching, trying to find somewhere in the middle of nowhere and getting lost very easily.

We eventually found the field, which is deliberately flooded by the farmer to kill off eelworm. Then eventually the field will be drained and spuds can be grown. But for the time being, it's a fantastic shallow lagoon.

We were treated to an amazing sight of this pair of Cranes performing their display dance. In addition to the Cranes there were also 4 Ringed Plover, 1 Oystercatcher, 2 Shelduck, plenty of Lapwing and a few Shoveler.

After Telford, we took a quick nip over to Venus Pool, near Atcham. I've always wondered where this place is, and it's well worth knowing. The hide was rather full, but we managed this drake Garganey:

Another check of Uttoxeter Quarry on the way home. Nothing out of the ordinary really, perhaps it's a sign that spring is winding down, just in time for hay fever season. At least our nudist friend wasn't there today! The resident Cuckoo Goose was though.

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