Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Bit of a quiet time!

Just thought I'd better put a blog entry in. Not much to report birding wise, other than an Osprey that appeared in Tad Bay, Blithfield Reservoir, on Sunday afternoon. I have been checking on the local bird families at Uttoxeter Quarry last weekend, nothing much out of the ordinary there either.

Wimbledon's back for another year of course. Now that Tim Henman has retired we can't have "Henman Hill" anymore. According to "Wake Up Wogan", it's now called "Andy Murray's got the hump"!.

On the hay fever front. Hurrah hurrah hurrah, the farmer has cut the field next to my house. I can breathe again!

As an aside, my dad told me that my brother-in-law is off to work in Namibia for a month. It's probably just as well my sister didn't tell me. I'd want to be smuggled in, and stay in Etosha National Park for the whole time!

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