Saturday, 28 June 2008

New Bins!

An emergency trip to Birdnet Optics in Buxton was required today. After a walk in the rain on thursday evening, my eight year old Bushnell binoculars leaked and the lenses all misted up on the inside. I can't carry on with no binoculars in action, it would be like losing a limb.

Despite having the central heating on for the last two nights, and putting them on top of a radiator (is that the best way to treat them?, probably not), it hasn't cleared the lenses up. And I don't want to waste any more gas over them.

So I now have a lovely new pair of Opticrons. If the lenses inside the old pair ever clear up I might sell them. Any offers, please write to the following address:

45 Glenn Close,
Kirk Douglas,
FO01 1SH

I christened my new bins at Uttoxeter this afternoon. In the quarry were:

1 Green Sandpiper
5 Common Sandpiper
11 Little Ringed Plover
4 Oystercatcher
1 Curlew
8 Common Tern

I'm no expert on moths, but there was one interesting day flying moth there. After studying my moth book, I think it was a Speckled Yellow. The illustration from the book was easier to photograph!

Back home for the evening in for with my feet up, a few beers, ready for today's coverage at Glastonbury. There weren't too many bands I was that bothered about watching yesterday, apart from The Fratellis (and I don't know why but I enjoyed The Ting Tings as well) that was about it.

Not sure who's on today. Amy Winelake apparently (to be fair though, she did perform with the great Jerry Dammers at the Nelson Mandela gig last night, will The Specials ever reform?), and of course the Welsh Elvis!

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