Tuesday, 13 September 2011

There May Be Trouble Ahead...........

Whilst at Blithfield last Saturday, before all the shenanigans with the Shag, I had a request. It's not often I get requests. Well actually I do, but they're just insults.

This is a planning application, from the farmer adjacent to the St. Stephens Bay side of Blithfield's deep end, for the construction of 28 holiday lodges (with static caravan laws). If the application is successful, it'll end up the here:

Right next to St. Stephens Bay, where in my last few visits have been a Knot, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits and a Spotted Redshank. The bay and surrounding fields have always been a good area for wintering Wigeon, not to mention farmland birds like Skylarks, Tree Sparrows and Yellow Wagtails. If it goes ahead I think you can say goodbye to all that, with all the disturbance it would generate.

We all have to earn a crust, of course, but is this really the most appropriate place for these holiday lodges to be situated? I can't even imagine wanting to go on holiday at Blithfield, it's hardly the bright lights of Blackpool!

As far as I'm aware, all neighbours to the farm have objected to the plans. Should anyone else happen to read this and wish to contribute, all opinions have until the end of September to be made. And can be done so by contacting Jonathan Limber of East Staffordshire Borough Council's planning department (email: jonathan.limberATeaststaffsbc.gov.uk).

Obviously in that email address, "AT" should be replaced with "@", to avoid being bombarded with spam. Don't want genuine emails being ignored do we?

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