Saturday, 10 September 2011

Catching up Time

Oh blimey, I'd better catch this blog up. There's not much to catch up on from a week ago really, I was only out birding on the Saturday. Uttoxeter Quarry was pretty quiet again (woe is me!), but Blithfield had some decent waders. Including a juvenile Curlew Sandpiper, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits (a really good record round these parts at this time of year) and 2 Knot.

As for Staffordshire's star bird over the last few days, the juvenile Sabine's Gull at Belvide. I had a quick look at it on Thursday after work, but being rather confused over whether there was access to the dam or not, I only viewed it distantly from the Scott hide. If its still there or at Gailey tomorrow, perhaps I'll make more of an effort with it. It's certainly a smasher.

As for today, a pretty much full day's birding, starting off at a rather windy Swineholes Wood. Probably too windy for here really, but still a Willow Warbler around and sign of winter in the form of 3 Siskins. Uttoxeter Quarry had 4 Goosander, but not a lot else.

So onto Blithers again, and I'm really glad I did. Starting off in Tad Bay, where the 2 Barwits were still around, as were a Little Stint, a Ruff, 3 Wigeon and 2 Pintail.

1 Knot still in St. Stephens Bay, immature Little Gull around the deep end, and a mixture of Terns (Arctic, Common and 1 Black) north of the causeway. And the biggest surprise of all from the causeway, was this!

It's a Shag! I think it's a juvenile, fantastic stuff. Obviously another seabird blown inland from the last few days of windy weather, and the remnants of Hurricane Katia haven't even arrived yet. So goodness knows what to expect on Monday.

Whilst enjoying the Shag (stop sniggering, I mean the bird!), a text from Andy informed me of a Knot at Uttoxeter Quarry. Aaaaarrggghh, I'm going to have to go because it's a personal site tick! Well I didn't see it earlier, but that's the beauty of this time of year. Migration time, everything's on the move.

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