Monday, 16 May 2011

Some Time Off Work

Azerbaijan? It's not even in Europe! Oh well, at least I won five quid with Sweden finishing third. I've been concerned with Eurovision for the last few years, in this post-Wogan era, that's it's getting serious and rather dull. Thank goodness for Moldova, that's what I say. Oh, and Jedward!

Anyway, with that nonsense done for another year. I've got a couple of weeks off work now. On Friday I'm off birding in the Spanish Pyrenees for a week, really looking forward to it. So not sure if this will be my last blog entry before I go.

But I've checked Uttoxeter Quarry the last couple of days, and a nice number of passage waders building. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but 30 Ringed Plover:

And 19 Dunlin:

Is a decent showing, and slightly larger totals than yesterday. Pity there's nothing rarer with them, like a Broad-Billed Sand! Oh ok, I'll settle for Temminck's Stint. Actually, I'd be happy with a Sanderling!


Anonymous said...

Blimey, Ringos up to 30 now!! That's impressive numbers by any inland standards...the Broad-billed is on it's way, probably touching down this Friday ;-)))

Steve T

Chris65 said...

and your Sanderling have now arrived, although your now in spain :-(