Friday, 13 May 2011

Prediction Time

Wow, what a day in store tomorrow. With both the FA Cup final and Eurovision Song Contest!

Personally, it would be great to see Stoke City win tomorrow. As a Burton Albion supporter, perhaps I shouldn't be saying that? Although being in the same county, as a Brewer, Stoke City has never been on the "Radar of Hatred", or even Stafford Rangers. That previlege lies with both Derby County and Tamworth. But tradionally, the big rival of the past, during the fifties and sixties, was Nuneaton Borough.

But anyway, what's going to happen in Dusseldorf tomorrow? Well reader, watch out for Sweden. In fact, I'm off down the betting shop now!


Chris65 said...

guess u lost ur bet then richard!

Richard Powell said...

Not quite, because Sweden came third. As it was an each-way bet, I won a fiver! :o)

Good job I didn't bet on Stoke!