Friday, 1 April 2011

You've got more Rabbit than Sainsbury's.......

Told you I was off for a knees up!

A while ago on this blog, I expressed my sadness at Chas and Dave splitting up, due to Dave Peacock's retirement following the passing of his wife.

Well, imagine my surprise and joy when I listened to Chris Evans on Radio 2 a few weeks ago, who interviewed Chas Hodges, and said "Dave's coming out of retirement, and we're doing one last tour". Oh wow, I've got to go and see them!!!!

And so last night, at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton, I went to their gig.

And jolly good fun it was too! A two hour set, the first half being their pub and club stuff in the seventies before they were famous. Ending with their first hit, "Gertcha!".

After a short interval, their more recognisable stuff from the eighties. Such as "Rabbit", "Ain't No Pleasing You", "Snooker Loopy", "Margate" and my personal favourite, "The Sideboard Song".

Watch the blog hits plummet now!

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