Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sink the Pink!

Monday 14th September, Tittensor, 7:00 - 7:40.

That's better! In a pre-work sortie back to Tittensor, for the third time. At 7:20am a flock of about 20 Starlings landed on the roof of St. Luke's Church, which included the juvenile Rose-Coloured Starling! Whoop whoop!

I would've loved to have had the courage to set my scope and camera up, but felt conscipuous and uncomfortable enough as it was. But job done at last.

When it comes to birding, if there's one thing I hate is birding around housing estates and looking into people's gardens. I can't stand it. But sometimes it's a necessary evil. That's how I've seen Rose-Coloured Starling in this country before, a cracking adult at Sinfin in Derby in 2002. Plus others like American Robin (Bingley, 2007) , Baltimore Oriole (Oxford, 2004), Black-Throated Thrush (Chesterfield, 1997) and numerous Waxwings.

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