Friday, 19 June 2009

A Question of Hides, Part 3

While I'm stuck indoors keeping away from hay fever, time to bring back an old favourite. As we all know, whether we like it or not, the world of celebrity is the "in thing" these days. I see Celebrity Masterchef is back on the telly, with some more "exceptional plates of food".

So lets attach some more celebrities to the names of bird hides. Many thanks to some suggestions earlier this year, which were:

Paul Stanley, front man of KISS (Carsington Water).

Valerie Singleton (Blacktoft Sands).

Stuart Pearce (Gosforth Park).

Since then I have thought of some more. Would you believe:

George Harrison (the quiet Beatle, as if you didn't know who he was!) once "drove" his livestock through Stodmarsh? Must've been during the seventies, between the Beatles and his collaborations with Jeff Lynne/Travelling Wilburys.

Gareth "Not Norman Pace" Hale (Martin Mere).

The Pioneers (Summer Leys). Classic ska band, who did "Long Shot Kick De Bucket", covered here by The Specials.

To end with this particular episode of "A Question of Hides", there's a "Williams hide" at Hickling Broad. Oh eck, there's loads to choose from:



Nope, I'm going with Mark Williams:

No not that one, this one:

Him from the Fast Show and those adverts where he says "We wanna be together!".


Kay said...

Not a hide but have you ever visited the (Beyonce) Knowles Coppice in the Wyre Forest?

Richard Powell said...

That sounds bootylicious! :o)