Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Havin' a Quail of a time!

Sunday 21st June. Berry Hill Fields, 13:15 - 15:20.

A lazy, birding-free, pollen-avoiding, weekend was duly interrupted by the report of a Quail at Berry Hill in Stoke, which showed well. This had to be investigated. So off I went, giving a lift to Andy and Mad Malc.

When arriving at the Longton end of the "fabled hill of the potteries", Russell Toon and Nick Pomiankowski were soon found. Unfortunately the Quail had disappeared into long grass by he time we got there.

After waiting a while, with Hanley (aka Up 'Anley Duck) in the background, we were treated to a Quail calling literally a few feet away at the bottom of this slope. Surely we would then be guaranteed a view? Nope, not even a rustle of grass, how do they do it?

Almost immediately after, another Quail was heard more distantly. It must've been two different birds. Russell had also heard one calling at the Fenton end, so three birds is quite possible.

It's in there somewhere! The more distant Quail was towards the back, behind the paddock where the Lapland Bunting was last year. Surprisingly hay fever hadn't taken hold whilst here, but that all changed when driving home.

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