Monday, 9 March 2009

A Question of Hides Part II, Brandon Marsh Special

Looking at appointments in my diary. Birding, and thus blogging, may be a little limited over the next couple of weeks. So, to pass the time, I'm bringing back my occasional item. Celebrity hide names!

By the way, thank you so much to everyone who suggested names for this item. All three of you, you know who you are, it's much appreciated! They will be used in a part 3, and beyond if I think of any more. Keep them coming in folks!

I was disappointed to learn that the new Tad Bay hide at Blithers is still called "Stansley Wood Hide". Oh well. I'm still waiting for the day that Keith Chegwin becomes a birder. Speaking of new hides at Blithfield, I forgot to mention the new hide at Beech Tree point also looks a cracker. Well, as hides go anyway. But definitely useful for winter gull roosts.

Anyway, to the hide names. It's been many years since I last visited Brandon Marsh. But, during my student days in Coventry, I did visit there a few times. I seem to remember dipping a Wilson's Phalarope there in 1996, but I'm over it now. Little did I realise then that this nature reserve would give me so much material (what a great place!).

Would you believe, that some of the hides at Brandon are named after:

Carlton Palmer.

Mick Taylor (he who replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones, and of course , preceded Ronnie Wood).

Ian Wright (Burton Albion had an Ian Wright for a season, a few years ago, not this one though).

Mike Baldwin (er, I'll just ignore the "John" on that hide! And Don Brennan trying to bump him off in the background).

So, as Harry Hill would say, you get the idea with that. Keep them coming folks.


Kay said...

Not forgetting Brandon's Shaun Teal(e) hide! Yes, I was a Villa fan a very long, long time ago.

Richard Powell said...

Oh yes, of course!

By the way, don't mention Shaun Teale to Archie Archer. He was the manager of Burscough a few years ago, who beat Tamworth in the FA Trophy final a few years ago.

As a Brewer, that was a happy day.