Monday, 2 March 2009

Back to Reality

Actually, as exciting and vibrant a destination that India is, I think living there would drive me mad. Got to come home at some point. Bills need paying and I need for money for another trip somewhere.

A little bit of Blighty Birding has been done since:

Friday 27th February, Doxey Marshes.

1 Water Pipit, seen from the scrape with the reed-screened viewpoint during my lunch break.

Saturday 28th February, Uttoxeter Quarry.

A nice number of Curlew has built up to 32. Also 2 Green Sandpiper, 2 Oystercatcher and 19 Goosander.

Sunday 1st March.

25 Curlew at Uttoxeter Quarry. Also a Dipper in the River Churnet at Oakamoor.

But just to relive past glories, here's a link to the best of my
holiday snaps on Flickr.

However, if want to see shots from REAL photographers, you'd be much better off looking at these!

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girlbirder said...

Just seen your great photos of your recent trip. Love the Owl ones.