Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

There's so much stuff on telly these days I really don't like. All these genres like "Reality TV", so-called Talent Shows (apart from the early X-Factor shows on, with the eejits who sing like me!), and anything that features so-called "experts" that just humiliate people (apart from Dragons Den, cos that's great!). Especially that "Dr Gillian McCeith". I'm with Dara O'Briain on that one!

But there one exception to all this, and that's "I'm A Non-Entity, Get Me In There!". Perhaps it's the thought of being out in the wilderness? Or perhaps it's just Ant and Dec taking the mick out of the contestants all the time?

Anyway, I've just seen this year's contestants. I've only heard of half of them. Those being Esther Rancid (I'm old enough to remember, and suffer, "That's Life"!, btw, whatever happened to Doc Cox, aka "Ivor Biggun"?), Kilroy (an inspired choice!), Martina Navratilova, Dani Behr and has-been pop star Simon Webbe (he used to play for Port Vale, it's true, there's some triv for you!).

Plus a couple of WAGs, someone out of Stenders, some Star Trek bloke (I can't stand Sci-Fi!), and the other one who ran for London Mayor. Not Red Ken either (does he still keep Newts?), although wouldn't it be good if it was Boris Johnson?

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