Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Come on Baby Light my Fire(crest!)

Today goes to show, if you're out looking you never know what you might find. I only planned an afternoon wander around the fields and woods at home in Tean (which is absolutely nothing like Royston Vasey, hence the name of this blog).

I got to the bridge by the River Tean to check for Grey Wagtail, no sign of any. I then found a Nuthatch hopping around an island in the river. I then found another small bird hopping around the branches in front of me. Amazingly, it was a Firecrest. I won't repeat the expletive I let out when I realised what it was, I really couldn't believe my eyes.

It's only a couple of minutes to walk back home to ring a local birder I know, put the news out on and left a message on the West Midland Bird Club hotline. I then returned to see it again briefly, and that was the last I saw of it.

But what a moment finding my own Firecrest, got to be one of my best ever finds. I've seen a few before but it's nothing like the thrill of finding your own. This isn't any old Firecrest, it's MY Firecrest!

I'll see if I can find it again tomorrow.


Kay said...

Or should that be "you're my Firecrest now" ;)

Congrats on your find Richard, I would be over the moon too if I had a find like that, well done.

Richard Powell said...

Thanks Kay, or should that be Dave (want some pegs?).

foxwood said...

Pleased for you being the first to spot the firecrest, Richard - and it was local!