Thursday, 11 April 2013

Big Mag

Oh by the way, there'll be some birds on here soon.  When the weather finally warms up a bit.....

What?  Maggie Thatcher gone?  Well, my first thought onto hearing the news was "do we get day off work?"  Well, no we don't.  Well I could've sworn we did, thanks to either Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, of all people!  But alas it's not to be, and we could've all had a day off work to do as we wish, not necessarily to watch the funeral on the telly.  Or do a day's work, it would've been up to you.

I have always made this nonsense completely unpolitical as possible, and very deliberately so.  So, if you're a Conservative supporter then this is for you:

But if you're a "red under the bed" or a Lib Dem like Nick "Norman" Clegg then this might to take your fancy, despite John Peel playing the mandolin, "Wake up Maggie" maybe a little bit out of order:

I suppose the abiding memory of the 1980's is of Spitting Image.  This link says it all really

And there is this one:

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