Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jersey Birds, a Prologue

A bit tired and could do with a good night's sleep, but I'm back from Cape May in New Jersey:

It was all a bit of a last minute decision to go there, with all the arrangements done at the end of April. But I always remembered one of Bill Oddie's programmes from there, years ago, and thought "I'd quite like to go there one day". The more I researched into it, the more it looked like a complete doddle to do, and that proved to be the case.

Cape May has a fantastic set up for birding. Plenty of wildlife refuges with viewing platforms, guided excursions with local experts and boat trips. The idea for accommodation came from reading "The Biggest Twitch" by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, who stayed at the Hyland Motor Inn at Cape May Court House town when they visited. Prices at this motel weren't too bad when compared with places to stay in Cape May City itself.

There's a daily U.S. Airways flight from Manchester to Philadelphia. Once you're through the spanish inquisition of U.S. immigration (Photo, Fingerprints, Why are you here? How long have you been birdwatching? What equipment do you have? Where are you staying? How much money do you have?), it's a two hour drive from Philly and you're there. Immigration was rather daunting and I did have to bite my lip, wanting to tell them where to go, but once you're through that it's a worthwhile trip.

So with checking into the Hyland Motor Inn in the evening of the 24th May, all set to go birding the next day. Just got to find unpack my notes (as well as my washing!), and I'll eventually detail what was seen.

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Kay said...

US Immigration is extremely tight & quite intimidating. They had to make sure you weren't an Israeli spy though, heading towards the White House with all that optical gear!

Look forward to hearing about the birds.