Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Crane!

Last Monday evening a little bit of frustration ensued. Why's that? That's because a Common Crane was found on the edge of Cannock, and even though it didn't hang around for very long, there would've been no chance to get to see it in time because there was just not enough daylight.

But anyway, it's Easter time. A time to get a few jobs done around the house, like getting the washing done on a Thursday evening. Well that didn't happen because, as if my prayers were answered, the Crane had been refound at Radford Meadows in Stafford.

And even better there was just enough daylight left to get over from home. Just! But it did involve some "Chariots of Fire" running along the canal towpath to where the Crane was. Well, until I got fed up of running. All for this view in the descending gloom!

As well as the pair of Garganey present, it was entirely the right thing to do in case the Crane would move on first thing the next day. Or was seen at the time, get a little agitated when a Fox was roaming the meadows.

But as luck would have it, the Crane was still present today. So after helping with the Blithfield WeBS count this morning, and alas no sign of yesterday's Red-necked Grebe there, it was back to Radford Meadows for seconds!

This Crane is obviously a fan of the Wayne's World films. We're not worthy!!

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