Saturday, 4 February 2012

There's a Brass Monkey outside

Or words to that effect! Its snowing out there now, so I'm all stocked up and time to get cosy at home.

But I did check Uttoxeter Quarry earlier this morning. Not surprisingly most of the water is frozen over, apart from in one corner where all the duck were congregating. Which included 45 Goosander, 122 Wigeon, 100 Teal, 55 Tufteds, 6 Pochard and the Oystercatcher which must be thinking it's made a big mistake in leaving the coast so soon!

There was also a recently-perished Mute Swan carcass on the ice, which the Crows and Magpies were already inspecting. Sad to see, but with a bit of luck it could prove a bounty for Buzzards, Ravens, maybe even a Red Kite? Something to check tomorrow anyway, as long as I'm not snowed in.

I bet Snake Pass is shut by now. Which reminds me.........

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