Friday, 28 January 2011

Common Taters

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I'm off to Burnley tomorrow to watch a game of football, hoping to be out birding on Sunday.

It may have escaped people's notice, but football has mentioned in the news once or twice this week. Regarding certain off-air comments, and then the subsequent sacking of Andy Gray:

And then the resignation of Coventry's finest (or was that The Specials????), Richard Keys:

You see, some of us are old enough to remember him from TV-AM days!

In a way it seems a little harsh, but wouldn't have been so bad if their comments did actually sound like jolly banter. But it didn't sound like that to me. Then their comments turning towards Karren Brady, who's married to Burton Albion's manager, well that's not going to get me on their side is it?

I remember one of the all-time greats of sports commentary, Richie Benaud (twenty twooooooo for twooooooo), once said "the more you say, the more chance you have of coming across as a fool". This is a phrase that I take into consideration throughout life, but apart from blogging of course.

So even as two of Sky Sports' stalwarts have now gone, at least two of my favourites still remain. One being the voice of darts, Sid Waddell:

And dear old Bumble, David Lloyd. Start the car!

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