Thursday, 29 July 2010

Stafford - Egret Country!

No birding was done last weekend, visiting family and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of watching stock-car and banger racing in County Durham. I haven't gone to watch banger racing for years, great fun!

Meanwhile, when I was away a juvenile Cattle Egret has decided to take up residence at Doxey Marshes in Stafford. Andy and I did have a look on Monday evening, and out of all the Cattle Egrets seen anywhere in the world, this must've been the worst ever view! It was showing from the metal hide, but had started to roost deep within a bush.

So I thought I would try again in my lunch break today. Unfortunately it was a bit rushed due to forgetting to take my butties, so I had to go to Asda first. But the bird was showing much better this time, from Creswell Flash.

Also an added bonus in the form of a drake Common Scoter at Boundary Flash.

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