Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brent Goose

Wednesday 24th March.

Another humdrum Wednesday morning turned into a bit of a mad dash around, due to a text from Mad Malc which read "Brent Goose at Brookhouse Pool". Wow, I've got time for a quick look here, on the edge of Cheadle, before I have to drive to work.

And only time for one picture, as it decided to walk behind some tall dead vegetation. Looking at the picture on my camera during my lunch break, it did surprise me how pale it looked, although everything looks a bit pale. It must be due to my camera increasing the lightness, somehow during the gloomy morning, because it was definitely a dark-bellied Brent.

But that's a real bonus of bird to find locally, hot on the heels of the Brent at Uttoxeter Quarry and Hales Hall Pool in Cheadle last winter.

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