Friday, 29 January 2010

A Question of Hides, Part 4

Well, last weekend was a combination of a day's birding (written about on Kay's blog) and some working for the yankee dollar, in the form of overtime, not to be sniffed at. Visiting family this weekend, so birding may be limited again.

Normal service will be resumed soon. So in the meantime, hurrah hurrah, I've got some more celebrity hide names!

Holkham in Norfolk is a really good site for this. In particular (and why didn't I think of this one before?) former Manchester United, Leeds United and Scotland striker, Joe Jordan!

There's also a hide here, in honour of Denzel Washington:

Meanwhile, down in Kent. At Dungeness, there appears to be a hide named after Hanson (american brotherly boy band, circa 1997):

Perhaps I could branch out into lakes and ponds? For example, at Attenborough Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Nottingham, there's a lake named after Bernie Clifton.

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