Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Last blog of 2009

Well after yesterday's palpitations and adrenaline rush, after finding the Ferruginous Duck, I'm shattered. So I'll have a couple of lazy days now, until we all start again on New Years Day.

I seem to remember mentioning "Song of the Decade" the other week. Unfortunately, Absolute Radio's chart was rather disappointing. A worrying amount of McFly in that list, but The Killers were number one, so not all that bad.

Hmm, what else is there? Ooh I know, who won "Beard of the Year" this year? Well reader, I can tell you. It was, and completely out of nowhere until recently, Zack de la Rocha from "Rage Against The Machine":

Runner up was Slavoj Zizek, Professor of Philosophy apparently (all a bit too high-brow for me):

And in third place, ex-Policeman tantric eco-warrior, Gordon Sumner:

This is all unfair on the South African batsman, with a corking beard, Hashim Amla:

I wonder if the Ferruginous Duck will still be around on New Years Day...............


Kay said...

More birds, beards and unusually named hides to look forward to in 2010 then Mr RP!

Richard Powell said...

Well quite possibly.

Doesn't Gordon Sumner look like Sting? Apart from the beard. Why won't The Police reform again? Even though they did a couple of years ago.