Monday, 10 August 2009

I Was There.............

Despite the result at Shrewsbury, a little piece of history was witnessed.

Sunday 9th August.

A lovely day to be out and about, what better excuse to miss the English shambles at Headlingley.

Uttoxeter Quarry, 9:15 - 11:30

What started as a stop along a hedgerow to take a piccy of one of these:

Out pops a Barn Owl from an adjacent bush! Weird, that happened last autumn in almost exactly the same spot. Also around were a Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 3 Curlew and at least one Clouded Yellow. Probably my favourite butterfly, Burton Albion colours you see.

Onto Croxall next. Which had a rather weird sighting at this time of year, in the form of a juvenile Goldeneye.

A Little Egret was also around. As was (and I nearly forgot about this) a blonde in a bikini! The bikini was itsy-bitsy, and indeed teeny-weeny, but I didn't look closely enough to see if it was yellow and had polka dots. Being the gentleman that I am, I did avert my eyes! Seriously though, a young Polish couple were in the Croxall car park, trying to find somewhere to go for a swim. Please, please, please, don't go swimming in rivers or gravel pits!

Finishing off at Branston gravel pits, where there was a Hobby, 1 Golden Plover, 13 Curlew and 19 Shelduck.


DaveN said...

Nice looking blog here, Richard. Been to Croxall a few times but if it's being frequented by bikini clad blondes then maybe I should make it my local patch rather than Carsington. Also there seems to more birdlife at Croxall!

Is Branston GP's the same place as Branston Water Park or somewhere completely different?


Richard Powell said...

Thanks for the comments Dave. I haven't been to Carsington for ages.

Yes Branston GP's are different to the water park. It's a bit difficult to describe directions, but basically the southern most gravel pits are nearer to Barton-under-Needwood really.

Anonymous said...

Richard good spot at Poxy-all--when I catch up with you again remind me to tell you about the nude photo session I interrupted there!!
Sam's there today I hope he's got his inhaler!!!
The other Richard