Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Question of Hides.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking of blogging for a while. This local birder isn’t a huge fan of hides. They do have their uses I know. At some nature reserves one has no choice but to use them. But more often than not, I usually find them rather restricting my field of view (especially above your head!).

If also like me you're quite tall, then you’ll also find that the slots in hides are way too low, ending up with a crick in your neck!

But they do have their uses. Especially if it’s raining, or to hold a sightings book for birders to use. Or like the old Tad Bay hide at Blithfield (lest we forget), there’s a space to sit in front of the hide, allowing for a much better view!

That besides, a lot of hides are also given names. Some of them are intentionally named after famous people. Such as Bill Oddie (at Druridge Pools), Tony Soper (at Abberton Reservoir) and Eric Morecambe (at Leighton Moss). But I have found over the years that there are other hide names. Some deliberately more tenuous than others. Such as:

Ronnie Barker (at Martin Mere)

Andre Nel (at Marshside)

Lily Allen (at Leighton Moss, well, perhaps.......)

Pete Townshend (at Blacktoft Sands)

I’ve really been racking my brain trying to think of others. If anyone else knows of any, however tenuous or ridiculous (but you get the idea eh?), then please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Cheers!


Rich said...

... and not forgetting (Valerie) Singleton hide, also at Blacktoft!

There’s also Paul Stanley hide at Carsington Water - still not seen the legendary KISS guitarist in there yet though!

Richard Powell said...

This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm after! What a sight KISS at Carsington would be!

There used to be a Bryant hide at Belvide. Named after the pipe-toting bowls player?

Big Yin said...

I also suffer from tall person, small hide syndrome - I hate them all.
Noah's Hide at Shapwick Heath.
(Stuart) Pearce hide in Gosforth Park, Newcastle.

Richard Powell said...

Cheers Big Yin, keep em coming! Might have enough for a part two at this rate.