Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Where's Wossy?

After 18,000 complaints to the BBC, I wonder just how many of those people actually listened to the Russell Brand show on Radio 2 on the 18th October? I didn't, I was on a ferry! That must qualify me to complain as well?

Although I think it really has turned into a witch-hunt, if it can get Jonathan Woss off the telly then I'm all for it!!!

PS, Errata. Last Sunday I mentioned there were no site ticks at Uttoxeter Quarry. In my very old age, I can't believe I haven't seen Goldcrest there before. But unbelieveably it was a site tick. Which takes me to 98. Two more to go, then I can raise my bat for the century.

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Reg The Birder said...

I too have complained about Jonathan and Russell's terrible behaviour the other day.

Now ... who are they and what are they supposed to have done?