Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ozzy Goes Fishing!

Sunday 27th July. Blithfield Reservoir, 13:00 - 15:00.

My turn to be given a lift to Blithfield today, after I took Andy over there last week.

The warm weather is certainly having an affect at Blithers. Not only with the water level, but as you see here in Blithe Bay, the blooms of algae that start appearing. Doesn't particularly smell nice either. And apart from a Wheatear, nothing much else of note.

When reaching beech tree point I turned round to look towards Blithe Bay, and low and behold, my old chum Ozzy the Osprey was flying around. A hunt was on. The first dive was unsuccessful, but the second dive into the water produced a fish. A bit of a tiddler, but enough to be getting on with.

Then in Tad Bay, apart from 2 Ruff not a lot else really. A few more Teal are building up, hopefully a Garganey will soon join them.

After buying, and quickly downing, a bottle of water from Tescos garage in Uttoxeter, another check of the quarry produced this gull:

As it was with half a dozen adult Lesser Black-Back's, I just assumed another one. But Andy was pretty sure it's a first summer Yellow-Legged Gull. It certainly had a paler grey coming through on the back. And checking other photos on t'internet I do agree that this is a first summer Yellow-Legged Gull. If I'm feeling really naughty I'll upload it onto the ID area of Bird Forum and cause a mass argument!

Now time to cool off this evening as I've sweated like a pig. I see "War of the Worlds" is on telly this evening. I've never seen this version of the film before, but I am a fan of Jeff Wayne's musical version. Especially when Richard Burton says "the horses bits were covered with foam". Personally I don't wish to know that!


Kay said...

I've consulted The Gull Bible (about time I used it!) and I agree with YLG.

The film is rubbish btw, perhaps it would have been a lot better if Tom Cruise had burst into song....

Martyn Yapp said...

Blood sweat and tears today for that Osprey and I didn't see it.

Spent all day there, well, 1600 anyway.

I had to do my warden thing on the causeway car park as two van loads of youth c/w beer and canoes were about to set sail over the gate. Fair play to the lads they did understand and didn't beat me up.

I moved off the car park shortly before 1450 to go and inform the rangers office what was going on, so I must of missed it then.

We still have not yet met in the field, that goes for the Brightside duo as well.

Tut Tut

Kay said...

I did look out for you Martyn last time I went to Blithers on the 13th. Perhaps thats when you were down with 'man flu' ;)

Yes you have at least one girl reader.