Sunday, 18 May 2008

New Scope!!!!!

Sunday 18th May.

It's my birthday tomorrow (21 again), so I treated myself to a new scope, plus a digital camera adapter. From now on, I'll try my best to stick a few photies of what I see on here. No more dots in the sky from me! Well, there might be!

So then folks, this is as they say, it. My first attempt at digiscoping, now don't laugh! Actually, I couldn't give a monkeys if you did. I'm not doing this thinking that I'll be any good, just record shots. Just over to Uttoxeter Quarry today, sightings included:

1 Grey Plover
1 Turnstone
2 Common Sandpiper
5 Common Tern
2 Shelduck
1 Goosander

Although a bit distant, a pair a stunning summer plumaged waders.

This Common Sandpiper got much closer, however. Really pleased with these shots.

Eurovision alert!!!!!! Dustin the Turkey will be "performing" in the first semi final on Tuesday night, on BBC3. That's the only birding I'll be doing then!

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