Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Come on Dustin!

This entry really does have an ornithological theme, honest! I’ll let you into a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the Eurovision Song Contest!

I object to it being a “camp spectacle”. To me, it’s all so ridiculous (the songs and the voting) I think it’s brilliant. Wogan is a hero! While watching it, consuming large amounts of alcohol seem to make more sense.

Be thankful. A friend of mine once said "we should be dropping bombs on them, not singing songs at them!".

Although I haven’t heard the songs yet, I’ve seen the UK contestants for this year, and to be honest I couldn’t care about any of them. Thanks to all these “talent” shows, they’re just providing us with pointless rejects. This year I’m looking across the Irish Sea. I have everything crossed that my tip for Ireland will get through to Belgrade.

Come on Dustin the Turkey! You’re western europe’s only hope of a win!

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